Caleruega Church, Batangas ~ CHINCHANLAKWATSERO

Caleruega Church, Batangas ~ CHINCHANLAKWATSERO

via Caleruega Church, Batangas ~ CHINCHANLAKWATSERO.

A couple of days ago, I visited Caleruega church that is situated in Nasugbu Batangas.  It is a house of prayer and renewal. The place is so peaceful and relaxing. It is also open to any kinds of activities like retreats, recollections. prayer workshops and meetings, study research. youth camps, family celebrations , seminars and also a great place for wedding venues. 

The area has its main hall , pavilions and a large garden and picnic grounds. I was also overwhelmed with the conference venues for large gatherings. I also like the 150 seat capacity chapel, numerous cottages and the campsite which is fantastic place for outdoor activities.

 I must admit that beautiful churches and views here can not be seen in metro manila. Although there are numerous and wonderful churches in Manila, I really appreciate the beauty of the place here  because the environment is healthy. I see flowers and trees , red roses too.. =) Being able to visit the Caleruega church is worth a journey. Its a perfect idea of true heaven, this is the closest to “heaven on earth”.

I was also  told Caleruega is a place to get a perfect view of sunset . The sun sets  between  the Batulao’s two peaks that create  an image of rock formation surrounding a disc of red light. But apparently we had to rush back to manila that day. 

As I mentioned earlier , this place is highly recommended for weddings , the church is so indemand that you really have to book ahead of time. We were about to make a reservation regardless of how much it costs however the venue is fully booked in December so a friend of mine who’s about to get married may either adjust the schedule or try to make another ocular visit elsewhere .

My Caleruega trip is part of my Holy Week  devotion of visiting fourteen churches to pray  and meditate on the passion of Jesus Christ. The rest of the churches I visited will be posted soon..

Before leaving Caleruega, I then realized I am so glad I visited a paradise and learned a value  that nature provides us . If there is a perfect place to collect your thoughts and meditate , finding inner peace, this is the place to connect your spirituality …

If you are planning to visit Caleruega, It only cost 30 pesos for the entrance fee and another 30 pesos for the parking area. The travel time takes 2 and a half hours from manila.

How to get there:

If you a have a private vehicle you can take the Sta rosa exit then proceed towards Tagaytay and turn right to Rotonda. You can also take the coastal road from roxas Blvd proceed to Aguinaldo Highway all the way up to Tagaytay.

For public transport you can proceed to ER JOHN and ALMARK Bus Terminal along Edsa in Pasay. Board buses going to Nasugbu, Balayan or Calatagan, Get off at Evercrest, Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas. Tricycle service is also available at Evercrest entrance or its a 2 kilometers hike to Caleruega.

For more information you can get in touch with them . They dont have Manila office but you can visit their website at


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