Earth loves us. Love it back. ~ CHINCHANLAKWATSERO

By chino

April 21, 2011

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Earth loves us. Love it back. ~ CHINCHANLAKWATSERO

via Earth loves us. Love it back. ~ CHINCHANLAKWATSERO.

Earth loves us. Love it back.

June the 5th is a day declared by the United Nations to stimulate worldwide awareness of environmental issues. It is actually the day when people gather and discuss the issues that our planet is facing right now. I have been reading articles about saving environment, giving tips on how to conserve energy and a lot more. But I was really hoping that our stories give us a concrete results……

hugging a tree at Lamesa Eco Park

Sometimes seeing those helpless plants waiting for rains in their soils is so devastating . That is because of El Nino ( all dried up). And suddenly we hear a news that a dam burst into hundreds of houses elsewhere. How about forest fires that leaves only traces of memories of lush greeneries that’s home to several trees, plants and flowers. (it probably was an existence before me). That is really what we are concerned about.

Right at this moment, I have seen and witnessed from so many people the concrete evidence that I am looking for . People are now concerned about environmental issues . We are now become more involved in an adventure activities in natural areas like parks or nature reserves . That is a good news , aside from providing jobs to make money for locals . I love the way people help save the environment. Taking part of the community to reduce energy consumption, waste and pollution, clean up the environment. These practices and changes can really help our environment and create a better place for us .

Recently I was able to discover easy and realistic way to make difference . Living green at work and in your community will also help us develop a better understanding of how we are going to benefit both our environment and ourselves and wellbeing!

While I am sitting here writing this blog . I was contemplating on things. Counting my lucky stars maybe or the life i have left ( I guess, let me think, I still have 9 remaining). Last month, I had a brief encounter with a tree at Lamesa Eco Park. The boring details as we go along about the incident involved me and a tree. …

It was so hot that day , but again the density of the trees provided lots of shade and the cool breezes which made it very pleasant to be outdoors . I was biking along the trail and suddenly hit one of the trees there… The bike was slightly damaged while the tree was slightly chipped . Then suddenly I heard a couple of kids mentioned ” sir muntik ka na mapayakap sa puno” and then I just laughed. I realized what would would have happened if the tree was not there ? The truth is , again it probably was an existence before me .

The truth is I could actually hug that tree … Thank you tree. Thank you for saving me . Being there is not just about picnics, picture takings, photo shoots… Its all about awareness…The Lamesa Eco Park is from what I know is the main source of water in Metro Manila. Being there is about actions as well , that combining your knowledge with initiatives to do something to save the environment .. Now think about it , what would happen to all of us if all those trees were not there anymore. ?
road trip to Tamaraw Falls , area surrounded by trees

Any place with trees , there is peace. Large trees give shelter to numerous birds. They provide shades to weary traveler like me…

Lets be honest , there are so many ways to save the environment . Planting trees is just one of them.Green living for all of us!

Lets go ahead and plant a tree.

Join me and Alter Space . Alter Space is the 1st Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook. Check out Tips on how to conserve energy or lower carbon emissions

Feed your mind… and dont forget to hug a tree!

esday, April 20, 2011

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